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Nan province

Welcome to Nan, the hidden province of northern Thailand.

Nan province, because of its remote location between the northern mountains close to Laos, has always been an isolated area. 

In the 13th century Nan was a small independent kingdom, with little contact with the outside world. It became part of the Lanna Kingdom in the 14th century, and after the decline of the Lanna, the province was took over by Burmese.

After a period of independence, in 1931 Nan became part of Siam (Thailand). Due to the communist guerrillas linked to the Vietnam War, the province was still a closed area until the early 80's. 

This isolation, has helped to strengthen a distinct local culture, that is also reflected in local lifestyle and temples.

More than ten per cent of Nan province population consist of ethnic minorities, like Tai Lue, Khamu, Lua (Thin), Mlabri (nomads forest people), Hmong and Mien. There is also a large part of Khon Muang, the people of the north.

Nan province | The travelers new frontier

Nan province, thanks to its natural beauties, is becoming a new destination for independent travelers, with the bonus of the charm of exploring a province largely unaffected by tourism.

Nan town, the small capital, develops on the banks of the Nan river. The center, with a relaxed atmosphere, extends between the bus station, the historical center and the river.

As Nan is also becoming popular among Thai tourists, in town there are many hotel accommodations, from budget to luxury ones. There are also many trendy coffee shops and cosy restaurants.

Nan Province | Attractions

Among the mountains and its stunning nature, in Nan province you will find ethnic minorities villages, national park, waterfalls, rivers, caves (including the deepest cave of Thailand located in Thung Chang), royal agricultural projects and temples, with good opportunities for hiking, trekking and relax.

  1. Tham Sakoen National Park 
  2. H'Mong Hill Tribe village
  3. Tad Man Waterfall
  4. Tad Mok Waterfall (trek)
  5. Hill tribe villages
  6. Caves
  7. Doi Pha Phueng (peak and view point)
  8. Thai-Lao border market
  9. Hauy Kon Khao battlefield (communist guerrilla during Vietnam war)
  10. Phu Phayak agro-tourism project / Communist Museum
  11. Nan river water spring
  12. Khun Nan National Park
  13. Ancient mountains salt wells
  14. Doi Phu Kha National Park
  15. Wat Nong Bua temple
  16. Thai-Lue Ethnic village
  17. Nan Riverside Art Gallery
  18. Forest Park Tham Pha Tup
  19. Hill Tribe villages
  20. Mae Charim National Park, rafting on the Wa river
  21. Sri Nan National Park
  22. Sao Din Na Noi
  23. Khun Sathan National Park
  24. Pak Nai fisherman village 
The Siam Garden is located in Thung Chang. You can find all the info about excursion, hiking and trekking in our Hiking-Trekking-Excursion page.

Nan province | Nan town hotel

Nan Guest House 
Nan Guest House is a nice and friendly guest house in the centre of Nan, close to main temples like Wat Phumin, the Nan walking street area and the National Museum. At the guest house you can get plenty of information about what to do in Nan and in Nan Province. Near the guest house, there is the Cafe de Zeven, under the same management.

Baan Nan Hotel
Baan Nan Hotel is located in the heart of down town, just minutes away from the morning and evening markets, the river front area and its restaurants, and the Wat Hua Wiang Tai temple.
Baan Nan Hotel has 29 rooms (standard or suites), elevator, meeting room, breakfast, free WiFi, garden, bicycles rental, car hire, parking, airport and bus station transfer.
Baan Nan Hotel on Agoda

Nan Seasons Boutique Resort

Nan Seasons Boutique Resort is a four star resort located close to the famous Wat Phrathat Chaehaeng temple, and only 2 km away from Nan city center.
The resort has a swimming pool and seven teak wood Lanna style bugalows and villas.

Nan province | Nan town restaurants

Cafè de Zeven 
Cafè de Zeven is located in Nan town center, close to the National Museum and the Nan Guest House (same management).
Breakfast, home made bread, fresh coffee, sandwiches, smoothies, Thai food and more.

Hot Bread Nan
Hot Bread is located down town, close to the main temples, in a cosy traditional wooden house. It offers international breakfast with home made bread and sausages, Vietnamese breakfast, veggie and non-veggie food, Thai, western and Indian food.

The Steak Factory
The Steak Factory in Nan is located near Nan Hospital, and has an air conditioned dining room.
Broad menu, with steaks (also imported beef), salads, hamburgers, pizza and pasta.
The Steak Factory on Facebook 

Nan Steak House
Nan Steak House is located in Nan town, by the river, close to Nan Hospital.
There is an extensive menu, with a large choice of steaks, pizza, starters, burgers, pasta, sausages, sandwiches and Swedish cuisine.

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